July 24, 2020
3 months and 2 days since
our Reunion.

Dear CMHS 1965 Classmates,

Last summer I decided I wanted to attend our 55th class reunion because I had not
attended any others except for the first reunion.

I started checking to see when and where it would be. The date was set for July 24.

Right after the New Year I realized that all the wonderful folks who normally
organized the reunion, were unable to do so this time.

I figured a class reunion is a dinner, right? That shouldn't be too hard to arrange.
I live in California and haven't lived in Youngstown since high school, although I do
come back to spend time with my family from time to time. Finding a location wasn't
that hard, but finding one to accommodate the number of attendees was another matter,
especially when I couldn't find the class list so I had no idea how many to expect for

Anyway with the help, suggestions and support of a number of our classmates
including Sandi Pizzuto, Georgeann Garritano, Marcia Gambrel Hunter, Bob
Baskey, Beverly Susor Muntean and Karen and Ralph LaCivita I undertook our
55th class reunion.

My goal is to create a fun party where you can have a great dinner, reminisce with
classmates, some of whom you haven't seen since graduation and just celebrate that you
are alive for our 55th reunion. It was unnerving when I got the class list from Mooney to
see how many of our classmates were designated “deceased.”

With your help, mostly through Facebook and with the enormous help of my husband,
Tim Wall, we came up with as accurate a list as possible. If you know classmates who
didn't receive this invitation, please encourage them to contact me or send me their
addresses yourself. The list of classmates with unknown addresses is on the last page of
this invitation.

So please, bear with me. I have no idea what I'm doing or whether what we put
together will fit your expectation of a “real” class reunion.
I just hope everyone has fun!

(517) 230-1794 (cell)                                             Respectfully,
6700 Warner Ave Apt 10F                                   Denise Arnold (nee Lovrinoff)
Huntington Beach CA 92647                              denisearnoldcmhs1965reunion@gmail.com

P.S. The Holiday Inn has given us a group rate of $109.99 for a standard room
available for Thu-Sat nights 7/23-7/25. Call the hotel directly at (330) 726-1611 and
mention Cardinal Mooney Class of 1965 when making your reservation. This rate is
available on a first-come/first-served basis and it is not available on the internet